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His Holiness Pope Peter II lies on his deathbed. You are among the few Cardinals he trusts to serve as his successor, but you have to earn it by performing good deeds. To complicate things, the other Cardinals won't go down without a fight; they'll do everything they can to sabotage your every move. Pay them back in kind.


Pope or Nope

is a fast-paced take-that card game for 2 - 6 Players.

The game is played in quick rounds. Each round, players attempt to perform a good deed. Players then take turns sabotaging each other's deeds, redeeming their own, or using action cards for added strategy. The first player to complete 5 good deeds is the winner and may don the Papal Mitre.*

*sold separately

The game can be played free-for-all or in teams.

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Learn the basics in our 30-second video below. Or watch our 6-minute gameplay tutorial, for a more in-depth demonstration. Click here to view a PDF of the game's rulesheet.

For our Print and Play edition, click here.

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IMG_0482 2.png