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His Holiness Pope Peter II lies in his deathbed. You are one of his chosen few.

Do you have what it takes to succeed?

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Pope or Nope

is a fast-paced, round-based strategy game for 2 - 8 Players. The reigning Pope is dying and players play as cardinals, competing for the honor of serving as his successor. The game can be played free-for-all or in teams.

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  • Pope or Nope is played in quick rounds.

  • Players must prove they are most deserving of the papacy by performing good deeds and earning points.

  • Other players will try to sabotage your every move.

  • Only a greater deed can redeem you, but there are no guarantees.

  • Utilize a number of strategies to outmatch your opponents.

  • The first player to 5 points wins the game to don the Papal Mitre*.

*Papal Mitre not included

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Pope Peter II may have ideas about who should succeed him, but His Majesty King Carlos II has his own list of papabili. Work collaboratively to defeat the opposition.

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Deed Cards

  • Numbered I-IV, these cards represent “good deeds” that each cardinal may perform.

  • The higher the value, the greater the deed, and the rarer the card.

  • DEEDS can be stacked on cards whose value is one less than their own.

  • Any successful DEED will be worth 1 point at the end of the round, regardless of value.

Cross cards:

  • Numbered I-IV, these cards give each cardinal the ability to sabotage the deeds of another.

  • CROSS cards can only be played on DEED cards of equal value.

  • If a DEED remains CROSSED, it will not be worth a point at the end of the round.


Draw 2:

Discard to DRAW 2 cards to your hand.


This card is used to “reduce” the value of any numbered card by 1.


When placed in front of a player, this card offers a new “opportunity” for the performance of a good deed.


This card is used to “cancel” a card that is already in play.



When this card is played, Pope Peter II sends aid to help you perform a greater deed.

The POPE card represents a “wild” DEED.



A NOPE card is the ultimate sabotage.

NOPE can be played on any card in play and redemption is impossible.